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company news about Why called slip sheet?

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Why called slip sheet?
Latest company news about Why called slip sheet?

Why called slip sheet?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages in the design, materials, and performance of this tray compared with other types of trays?

What kind of tray is a slip sheet?

The following editors will explain to you.


The first question is why is slip sheet called slip sheet? The name of a tray is different from the name of a person. Usually the name of an item can show us its characteristics. For example, what is the biggest feature of a wooden pallet? Wood pallets, this is what the name tells us. For example, if you see the name of the TV, you can see that it is a machine that can be viewed and requires electricity. The name of a person often cannot replace the characteristics of a person.


OK, let ’s return to the topic and talk about why slip sheet is called slip sheet. The English name of slip sheet, why should I mention its English name, because originally Slip Sheet was firstly used by industrialized countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and it was also introduced from abroad. The current name is originally based on English translation. As early as 2000, Shanghai Lixiang Packaging started to sell ITR slip sheets in the United States. At that time, there were very few customers who exported in slip sheet packaging methods, mainly for foreign-funded enterprises. Although sheet means thin paper, the slip sheet can better reflect its function.


The second question is what are the types of slip sheets? Types is a very general word, why do you say that? For example, how many people are there? It is divided into men and women according to sex, and it is divided into juvenile, juvenile, young, middle-aged, and elderly according to age. Therefore, the types of slip sheets can be divided into several different types according to different aspects. There are two types according to material, plastic slip sheet and paper slip sheet (the paper is mostly kraft paper). Among them, the plastic slip sheet is mostly used for repeated turnover, and the paper slip sheet is usually used once. Divided according to the push-pull side, there are single-sided slip sheet, bilateral slip sheet, four-sided sliding plate, the normal standard is a double-sided slip sheet, one side is used for shipping, the four sides are used for turnover and multiple uses.

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The slip sheet can replace most of the trays used in our lives. Why is it worth to use?

1. Low cost, the lowest price of paper slip sheet is 6 yuan / square meter, the lowest price of plastic slip sheet is 8.5 yuan / square meter, and the price of traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets is several times or even dozens more than that Times.

2. It doesn't take up much space, either in transportation or storage.

3. With the full mechanization of the push-pull machine, the efficiency is very high.


So what is the normal load bearing of the slip sheet?

For paper slip sheets, the weight can be up to 2000kg depending on the thickness. The same can be said for plastic slip sheet, but the bearing capacity of plastic slip sheet is higher than that of paper slip sheet. The thickness is thicker, the load capacity is higher. If necessary, you can continue to increase the thickness to increase the loading weight.


Well, More info and detailed introduction of slip sheet, please contact our sales staff, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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